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Hi, I'm Marco!

I'm a game development generalist. I'm both a game designer and a programmer. I prototype, develop and implement new game ideas and I'm passionate about mechanics-first forward design. I also develop game stories and draw storyboards.

I'm a musician and music producer. I have created and released hundreds of songs and remixes, and dozens of EPs and albums. Electronic (dance) music was my first love. But I work in many different genres. I love making music for video games too.

I'm a sound engineer. I have two decades of experience in writing and producing music and have focused on mixing singles and albums for more than six years. I love both the technical and creative aspects of mixing. And somehow nothing's quite as thrilling to me as coming up with unique ways to restore and remaster old video game music. I've had the privilege to do this professionally for quite a while.


​I'm a visual artist. I make pixel art and programmatic art for games. I also have experience in logo design and branding. I have extensive knowledge of photo manipulation, collage, color grading and post processing.

I'm a super fast learner, always looking for a new challenge. I'm an autodidact in almost every discipline I have worked in professionally. I'm obsessed with learning new things and acquiring and mastering new skills.

​Interested in working with me? I'm looking forward to your message!

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