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Business management software for construction businesses

emoffice is an ERP, accounting and task management application developed for construction businesses. It is a fully integrated suite of networked business and administration tools. It was sold to and exclusively used by a big Zurich based construction business, who relied in it for all of their administration and management operations.

For details on the application's functionality and its different modules, please refer to the extensive slideshow below (German only).


I developed emoffice part-time, over the course of two years in Microsoft Access. The frontend is an auto updating standalone application installed on client computers, requiring only the free Access runtime to be installed. The backend runs on a simple file server. Its functionality covers a vast area of different administration and management tasks.

Working both in administration and management of a construction business for several years, I had a unique insight into the requirements of such an application and developed the core database with this experience in mind, before fine tuning and expanding its functionality on site.

I also trained and supported both admin and management staff on site.

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