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The golden age of classic Hard Trance


From 1999 to 2004 I wrote, composed, arranged and produced countless Trance and House productions (counting all versions, edits and remixes, the number exceeds 100). I typically produced music for and with DJs, under many different aliases. All of these releases were pressed to vinyl (at the time the only relevant medium for DJs) and then licensed for release on hundreds of different CD compilation albums. In total the sales from these albums exceeded 3 million units.

Some of the most notable projects and artists I produced:


  • Flutlicht

  • S.H.O.K.K.

  • DJ Tatana

  • DJ Energy

  • Lady Tom

  • Unmark

  • Servant of Light


​​Besides the many original tracks I created, there was an ever increasing demand for remixes, particularly from the Flutlicht and S.H.O.K.K. aliases. Some of the artists I have made remixes for:​

  • Cosmic Gate

  • B.B.E.

  • Dumonde

  • Marc Dawn

  • Green Court

  • The Thrillseekers

  • Ian Van Dahl

  • Talla 2XLC

  • The Mystery​

​For writing and producing Swiss artist DJ Tatana's album Wildlife I received a Gold Award in 2003. Wildlife entered the Swiss music charts at number 1 and achieved Gold status in the first week of its release.

Besides working with and releasing on many different vinyl music labels in Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, etc., I also worked with major labels like Universal, Warner and Sony.

​For a more comprehensive (although not exhaustive) Discography, please visit my Discogs page.

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