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A story-driven puzzle platformer​

«When We Disappear» is a story-driven, history-based game set in 1943, where a young girl escapes the torments of World War 2. Switzerland-based Inlusio Interactive has brought together storytellers, game developers, historians and education experts to develop a puzzle platformer about the darkest chapter of Europe to encourage players to think about our common past and the shared responsibility for our future.

The project is created in close partnership with historians, scientists and researchers of the Lucerne Institute of History Education and Memory Culture at the University of Teacher Education in Lucerne.


On When We Disappear I worked as a game development generalist with a focus on design. My work consisted of:

  • Puzzle design and general game design

  • Developing a camera system and camera tools

  • Camera design

  • Platforming physics

  • Touch controls

  • Gameplay scripting (using Bolt in Unity)

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